Shine The Light Walk

Event Campaign | Print Design

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach created a new community event focusing on the impact winter months have on Lincoln’s most vulnerable community members. This event was used as a fundraiser & educational opportunity to continue their support for community members.

Matt Talbot had select sponsors that they were wanting to announce their new event to, they were in need of a way to convey that information to them and invite them to attend Shine the Light Walk. Sponsorship booklets were created to provide information about the new event, sponsorship levels, and more about Matt Talbot & their impact on the community in 2022.

Environmental Design | Print Design

Matt Talbot used this event as a way to convey to event attendees how they help the Lincoln community, more about them, and key statistics to help attendees understand their overall impact by attending the event. Yard signs were created to be placed throughout the walk route for attendees to read as they were walking through.

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