Blue Hi-Way Diner apron with coral ties. Logo and nametag located on the front.
License Plate wayfinding on where to order.
Double sided fill coaster
Hi-Way Diner logo concept in Coral on beige background.

Hi-Way Diner

Logo Creation • Environmental Design • Print Design

Hi-Way Diner has been serving Lincoln, NE tasty meals 24/7 for over 30 years has served as a staple for late-night study session and truckers. A revamped, conceptual brand invites customers to work and relax as long as needed.

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Series of 3 Menus
Mug with the saying Endless Coffee
Double sided fill in the blank postcard. Fill in the black with a car image on back side. Front side includes a space for a message and address.
Beatrice Human Society Live Nation