Black Market Clothing Exchange

The Black Market's website mocked up on an iMac
The Black Market's website mocked up on an iMac

Web Design

Black Market Clothing Exchange is a buy, sell, and trade store located in Lincoln, Nebraska founded by Jaclyn Tejeda. Their website redesign was a collaborative effort between a colleague and myself. After research and client meetings, The Black Market wanted to highlight their social media, Ebay store, their founding story, and what upcycling is.

My colleague and myself decided the best solution was to create a calming, transparent, calm, and helpful design that included the colors of teal, green, and gray. Jaclyn requested the use of imagery to create the essence of what they do and who they are. After reviewing the content provided by The Black Market, we agreed that a multi-page website design would provided a user friendly, organized layout was the best option.

To view a demo of the website, click here.

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